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Simple Innovative Management Ideas (SIMI) helps optometric practices evaluate and manage their businesses to become more profitable and efficient by providing the expertise, ideas and tools to drive your business in the direction you want it to go.

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Simi Inc have been instrumental in organizing our office, our staff, and our policies and procedures over the past year. Looking back, I don’t know how we survived without them! Their capabilities are numerous; ranging from staff training, website design, marketing, and strategic planning, all done quickly and with a smile. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any colleague. The proof is in the numbers – we have seen over 30% growth since implementing their ideas! Thank you so much SIMI Inc!

Drs. Thakrar and Peddle, Vaughan Family Vision Care

Simply Innovative’s work with our office has been extremely remarkable! They understand that starting a new optometry practice can be quite stressful. They have provided us with expert advice in regards to patient interactions, dispensing, and sales. They have also taught us how to explore these new areas more confidently and efficiently. With hands-on interactions and follow-ups, they have been prompt at addressing our needs. Their support is thoroughly felt and we highly recommend their services!

I was introduced to Simi Inc through a business contact as a person who had expertise in helping to promote and develop my optometry practice. With the ever increasing competition in our business, I was beginning to feel like a dinosaur and needed some fresh eyes to help promote my business. Simi Inc promised me that they were experienced and capable of improving my business. Now eight months later, SIMI had helped reorganize my dispensary, helped to refocus my staff, redid my web site, and provided me with logistical data to better follow the day to day operations of my practice.

For those who are looking for someone to help reorganize and regenerate their optometry practice, I would highly recommend Simple Innovative Management Ideas Inc.

Larry Sheldon, Oakville Optometry

Simple Innovative Management Ideas has been instrumental in turning my office from one that was very paper heavy and inefficient, to a streamlined paperless office. They have implemented systems that work from top to bottom creating accountability for everyone in the office. They have created budgets and give us great ideas on how to increase patient flow and revenue. Profitability and customer satiisfaction have increased and more importantly so has my personal enjoyment of work. They look at the big picture of the future of my practice by concentrating on the small details that I never could find time for. They are worth every penny.

Naeem Abdulla, Summerhill Optometry

Like most busy practitioners, we know how important a strong online presence is to the success of our business but were at a loss as to how to stand out in the crowd. Simple Innovative Management Ideas provided us with an individual Digital Strategy which has provided us with a solid working knowledge of digital media related to our practice. An in depth, in person reporting session was followed up by a thorough, concise report with clear recommendations designed to help up optimize our web site and effectively use social media to promote our practice.
We would definitely recommend this valuable service, two thumbs up!!!

Dr Linda L Bathe and Dr Kelley Jacobs, Romeo Optometry

I have had the pleasure of working with Simple Innovative Management Ideas for the past three years. They have been instrumental in helping  me take my practice to another level. From evaluating my expenses and providing HR support to recommending new services and processes, they have doubled the value of my practice. I highly recommend Simple Innovative Management Ideas if you would like to improve the performance of your practice.

Dr Karen Smith, Bronte Village Eye Care

No matter what Stage of your Practice Lifecycle, We Can Help!


Whether you are opening your own practice right out of school or purchasing an existing practice later on in your career, there is a lot to do and consider.  Our expertise can save you time on the learning curve – getting you set up properly from day one.


Typically from year 3 to year 10, the growth phase is about fine tuning your processes and becoming more efficient and profitable day to day.  As the days get busier, it can become harder to juggle the business side of the practice.  We help guide your business decisions to ensure continued momentum in growth.


We can help you create a business strategy to expand, whether that means moving to a bigger space or new location or adding an associate.  We have the experience to evaluate the costs and benefits associated with all of these scenarios.


After practicing for 20 years +, your practice has a predictable rhythm and groove to it.  As patients age with the practice, it becomes important to attract new and younger patients.  Often this means renovation, and increased marketing efforts.  We have the expertise to help you ensure your practice remains vibrant until you are ready for your exit.


Ensure that your practice is worth the time and effort you have put into it over the span of your ownership.  Put a plan into place to make sure your practice is ready to sell.  We have the expertise to bring your practice’s value up to top market value.  We can also help you navigate through the process of listing and selling your practice when the time comes.

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by providing the expertise, ideas and tools to drive your business in the direction you want it to go.

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